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  • Defiance price reduced

    0 CommentsPosted by on July 28, 2013 under News
      As in ever games life, they go through sales, they get their prices knocked down to attract more players. The time has come for defiance to follow that trend. The new prices have been announced on the main community blog this week. Prices as they stand at the moment are: Playstation 3: $19.99 /£29.99 Xbox 360: $19.99 / £29.99 PC: $9.99 / £14.99 Note that these are t... more.
  • A new dev blog..A new Executive Producer

    0 CommentsPosted by on July 25, 2013 under News
      On the 23rd a new blog was released on the community site named  "DEV BLOG: CASTITHAN CHARGE PACK AND THE FUTURE OF DEFIANCE", this was no ordinary blog post but it revealed to us that the former EP of Defiance, Nathan Richardsson had been replaced by long term Trion employee Chris Lena. Now while this came a shock for some, Chris gave a short description of his background and mo... more.
  • Where has Defiance Central been

    0 CommentsPosted by on July 25, 2013 under News
      Hey guys Jenbuu here, and im gonna start out by saying thank you to the people who have stuck with us over the past couple of months, you have been great and the support you have given us is just outstanding.   Now to the nitty gritty stuff. As most of you who follow the podcast know, my self and the other guys on Defiance Central have been pretty quite as off late and th... more.
  • Podcast: Episode 19 – Comic Con – Season Finale

    0 CommentsPosted by on July 22, 2013 under Podcast
      Welcome to the nineteenth episode of The Defiance Central Podcast! In this episode we discuss the recent events of Comic Con. As well as a recap of the season finale of the show and our opinions! YouTube video coming soon! Download HERE... more.
  • Podcast: Episode 18 – Updates, Episodes 11, 12

    0 CommentsPosted by on July 11, 2013 under Podcast
      Please note that this is last week's episode, due to technical issues it was delayed. Welcome to the eighteenth episode of The Defiance Central Podcast! In this episode we discuss recent updates to the game as well as episodes eleven and twelve of the television series! Download HERE... more.
  • Podcast: Episode 17 – E3 – DLC

    0 CommentsPosted by on June 20, 2013 under Podcast
      Welcome to the seventeenth episode of The Defiance Central Podcast! Join Jenbuu, Kal, and Matt as we discuss the events of E3 2013 as well as recent information regarding the new DLC! We also cover the latest two episodes of the show, as we missed last week. Download HERE... more.
  • Podcast: Episode 16 – Fixes, Plague, Series

    1 CommentsPosted by on June 9, 2013 under Podcast
      Join Jenbuu, Kalbuir, and Matt Treck in the sixteenth episode of The Defiance Central Podcast! We've been away for a week and are returning in our best of clumsy podcasts! In this episode we discuss our recent absence as well as issues with our podcast on iTunes. Then move on to talk about recent updates to the game, specifically The Plague, and the new addition of sieges. Then we close ... more.
  • Patch 1.021 and Hotfix

    0 CommentsPosted by on June 6, 2013 under News
        Yesterday saw the release of patch 1.021. Which the main focus on improving game crashes and fixing the issue with perks un equipping them selves. Also they improved some of the NPC's making them smarter and also making sure they were not invisible. DEFIANCE Patch 1.021 - Reduces game server crashes - Fixed a client crash caused by keybinding in character select Settings... more.
  • Defiance Central weekly Episode 2

    1 CommentsPosted by on May 29, 2013 under News   The new episode of defiance central weekly has just been realeased. If you would like to leave us any comments, please do so and let us know if there are any video series that you would like to see.... more.
  • Defiance Free weekend on steam +30% off

    0 CommentsPosted by on May 26, 2013 under News
      Defiance has hit steam up for a free to play weekend and with that if you buy the game within this time period you can also get the game at 30% off. We know we are posting this a bit late but the weekend started on friday and will end on sunday at 1pm PDT. So all you need to do is download steam and then go here... more.
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